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Let's make learning English easy. My approach is to give you short, clear and fun lessons. No-one likes a boring teacher! I´ll give you the explanations, lots of examples and where possible, practise exercises after each video. I'm a passionate English teacher from Australia who is really genuine about helping people achieve their English goals, whether its for work, travel or just pleasure.
PREPOSITIONS! Noooo! I'm in the car and on the bus, or am I on the car and in the bus??? Confusing? Well today we'll b-learning all about this. I hope to make this a little easier for you with some practical ways to think about how we use these three prepositions.
English Pronunciation. Improve your understanding & pronunciation of English! How important is pronunciation?? In some cases it´s REALLY important. Certain situations could be embarrassing if you´re misunderstood! Imagine you want a SHEET and they think you said SH&T!! Now that could be embarrassing!
We all want to sound like a native speaker, and this lesson will help you improve in two short steps. My short and simple explanation of this (BIG) problem, will have you improving your pronunciation in little time ( and with a bit of effort).
WHAT??? I WANT!! Stop! Learn to speak polite in English! Being polite in English is REALLY important. What you say and what we hear, sometimes are two very different things. Don´t make small mistakes that could have a big impact! Learn to be polite and get what you want.

Learn to use Say and Tell FAST. In this lesson I´ll teach you the rules with just four words and two actions! Sound too easy, no it´s not!

These two very common verbs are very common mistakes in English. Make your English better by learning to put these verbs in the right order. It may be a small mistake, but you´ll sound so much better when your Say and Tell is used correctly.

I hope you like this lesson.

Make and Do - Learn the rules and fixed expressions and eliminate commonly MADE mistakes! :-) Do you make or do exercise? Do you make or do a course? We ´make´ errors but let´s learn how to stop making them. Today I´m going to teach you some basic rules and the most common expressions using Make and Do.
Ready to learn to love Phrasal Verbs!? Not convinced you can? My challenge to you is YOU CAN!! Learn to look at Phrasal Verbs in a different way, and speak like a native even quicker. Life is all about attitude, our attitude can sometimes stop us achieving our goals.
You´ve now learnt the rules behind learning Phrasal Verbs (in the introductory video) now let´s begin our journey to speaking more like a native! In the first of our Phrasal Verb series you will learn three new Phrasal Verbs so it´s short and simple to remember. Remember, little by little.
Let´s make learning Phrasal Verbs simple. I give you just three short phrasal verbs, explain there meanings and importantly, give you examples so you understand how to use them. Really, it´s just like learning vocabulary! Weigh Up, Break Up and Make Up, let´s start talking more like a native!
Call Off, Cheer Up, Check Out? Understand more about what us natives say and don´t be confused any longer. What happens if your boss calls off the meeting? Does your partner buy you flowers to cheer you up? Do you ever check out what´s happening in your neighbourhood?